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Katana full contour crown.

Product/Service: Katana Zirconia

Katana is one of the latest zircon materials to hit the market.

Katana zircon is a multi layered material that has graduations of colour and translucency, making it a great product for full contour restorations.
To produce a katana restoration you need to scan and design it using the latest CAD/CAM technology. In our case we use the 3 shape scanner.

Once the case has been designed it can then be sent to a milling unit or to a milling centre to be produced.

When the restoration returns to the lab it is quite simple to get ready for staining by simply checking the contact points, the occlusion and adding any fine character details you may want to add.  

Then the unit is ready for a gental sand blast and a steam clean to make sure the surface is free from any contaminants.
As the zirconia is a shaded already you just need to add any character stain to match the natural dentition of the surrounding natural teeth.
When you are happy with the final shade of the crown you can then give it a final glaze to give it a natural looking finish.